Download GTA 4 Highly Compressed For PC Only (8 MB)

Download GTA 4 Highly Compressed
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Download GTA IV Highly Compressed

Niko and Roman are quickly compelled to escape to Bohan after their condo and taxi organization are decimated by Dimitri's men in fire-related crime assaults. In any case, things go inadequately also in Bohan: Dimitri's men hijack Roman in a bombed offer to draw out Niko, who salvages Roman. Moreover, Michelle uncovers she is an administration specialist who is really named Karen and entangles Niko into working for her organization, known uniquely by its spread: United Liberty Paper. Niko slaughters a few known or suspected fear-based oppressors for the office in return for the record of the various violations the police have on him and the guarantee of help with finding the backstabber of his unit. In spite of the hardships Niko and Roman face while in Bohan, Roman's fortunes unexpectedly improve when he gets a lot of cash from a protection guarantee he made on his crushed business. Utilizing the cash, Roman purchases a condo in Algonquin, at that point restarts his taxi organization. 

The Paper finds the man liable for Niko's unit's selling out, Darko Brevic, and brings him into Liberty City for Niko to choose his destiny. Having managed his past, Niko is called by one of his bosses, Jimmy Pegorino, who requests one last kindness: to help with a very worthwhile arrangement on heroin in agreement with Dimitri. Niko should either hit an arrangement with Dimitri or get vengeance on him. 

Ought to Niko proceed with the arrangement, Dimitri again deceives him and takes the heroin for himself. At Roman's wedding, a professional killer sent by Dimitri unexpectedly murders Roman with a wanderer slug. After Dimitri executes Pegorino, he is thus murdered by a crushed and wrathful Niko. Ought to Niko decides to get retribution, he storms the Platypus and ambushes Dimitri's men, battling his way through them before slaughtering Dimitri in an unequivocal last firearm fight. At Roman's wedding, Pegorino, angry after Niko's treachery, targets Niko in a drive-by shooting, yet winds up incidentally executing Niko's new sweetheart Kate. With Pegorino focused by the whole Liberty City black market, Niko tracks him down and executes him.


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