Download GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed Only (1 MB)

Download GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed
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Download GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed

The open, non-straight condition permits the player to investigate and pick how they wish to play the game. In spite of the fact that storyline missions are important to advance through the game and open certain urban communities and substance, they are not required as the player can finish them at their recreation. At the point when not taking on a storyline crucial, the player can unreservedly meander and check out the urban areas of San Andreas, eat in eateries, or cause devastation by assaulting individuals and causing pulverization. Making devastation can draw in undesirable and possibly deadly consideration from the specialists. The more disarray caused, the more grounded the reaction: police will deal with "minor" infractions (assaulting walkers, pointing firearms at individuals, taking vehicles, murder, and so on.), while SWAT groups, the FBI, and the military react to higher needed levels. 

The player can participate in an assortment of discretionary side missions that can help their character's properties or give another wellspring of pay. The customary side missions of the past games are incorporated, for example, dropping off taxi travelers, putting out flames, driving harmed individuals to the medical clinic and battling wrongdoing as a vigilante.

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