GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed (500 MB)

GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed
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GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed

Rockstar has underscored the personalization of the primary hero by including pretending computer game components. Dress, extras, hairstyles, gems, and tattoos are accessible for buy by the player and have a greater amount of an impact on non-player characters' responses than the apparel in Vice City. CJ's degree of regard among his individual volunteers and road companions differs as indicated by his appearance and activities, as do his associations with his lady friends. The player must guarantee that CJ eats to remain sound and activities enough. The equalization of nourishment and physical action influences his appearance and physical qualities. 

San Andreas tracks obtained abilities in zones, for example, driving, guns dealing with, endurance, and lung limit, which improve through use in the game. CJ may learn three distinct styles of hand-to-hand battle (boxing, kickboxing, and kung fu) at the exercise centers in every one of the game's three urban communities. CJ can talk with certain walkers in the game, reacting either adversely or decidedly. As indicated by Rockstar, there are around 4,200 lines of spoken discourse for CJ when the cutscenes are barred.

GAME SIZE ---- 582 MB

GTA San Andreas Latest Version With Sound

 GAME SIZE --- 631 MB

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