Total Overdose Highly Compressed (465 MB)

Total Overdose Highly Compressed
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Total Overdose Highly Compressed

Absolute Overdose is a third-individual shooter open-world activity/experience game. Players expect control of Ramiro, Tommy, and Ernesto. The most playable character in the game is Ramiro, while Tommy and Ernesto can be played uniquely in the two starting missions. The game satires Robert Rodriguez's Mexico Trilogy. All through the game, players can run and plunge and can utilize weapons including shotguns, rifles, handguns and rocket launchers. While outside the missions the player can investigate the open universe of the game, yet a few locales will be accessible just during specific missions. The game highlights modest and extraordinary vehicles. The uncommon vehicles incorporate "Conquistador", Orange Dirtbike, Purple and Flame Pickup, Tow Truck, DEA and Military SUVs. Players can shot evade, during which the player makes a plunge any heading with a moderate movement impact. This move gives players more exactness in shooting foes in battle. Loco moves are unique assaults that players can get by scoring huge quantities of focuses and combo executes. These moves can be utilized for disposing of substantial and a gathering of foes. Players can perform seven various types of loco moves: Golden Gun, Tornado, El Toro, El Mariachi, Sombrero of Death, Explosive PiƱata and Mad Wrestler/Mysterioso.

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